Wednesday, July 8, 2020

PoC Team Reasserts.

06:46 The PoC Team traded out the error from last night and ended up overall. It executed 6 trades consisting of 4 wins, 1 loss and 1 scratch. My only trade closed at a win also offsetting the error trade by 2/3rds.

06:50 I can now continue on from last Friday, going forwards, with the algorithms.

Catch Up Log III

22.22 Made an error on Monday 24:01 which adversely affected the PoC Teams parameters. This was costly and the risk was magnified. By Monday 08:00 I was down heavily. Traded back the losses by 16:00 on Wednesday. Numerous trades were put on.

22:25 Again the same error occurred, tonight, as I carelessly didn't reset the algorithms to the new parameters. This was most likely due to being distracted by conversations which affected focus. Discovered in time and closed at a small loss. I was hoping to continue where I left off from last Friday. This is not to be and now I'm back to trading out that small loss. However, now that the new parameters are set the PoC Team is back in play. The only difference is that I will be trading along with the PoC Team.

22:30 The lesson here is to check the algorithms have been reset and not defaulted back to old parameters.

22:34 Although, during this period, the winning trades were more than the losing trades, those losing trade were larger due to the erroneous parameters in the algorithm. I traded back the losses by taking smaller wins. During this time there was: 21 wins, 6 losses and 3 scratches. I've yet to see erroneous parameters produce large wins. It just so happens that they produce a loss.