Monday, June 22, 2020

Trading Break & Closed Position Trading.

09:58 Won't be doing much trading today. It's good to have a trading break.

15:37 A total of 15 positional trades closed as wins. This wasn't the PoC Team or algorithmic trading through trading robots on an intra-day. It was my own old school trading. The trades were put on last Thursday after pausing the PoC team. Admittedly, I used a trading robot to close the multiple positions when the target was reached. Old school trading instincts are very hard to explain so I won't be able to explain why I went ahead with putting on 15 positional trades over the long weekend and just chilled throughout.

15:40  I'm now back in a position where I can carry on with the PoC Team experimentation as if last Thursday and Friday results didn't matter. I won't do it right away and will most likely wait until Wednesday before trading again with the PoCs. I will have to alter PoC parameters which I will most likely do tomorrow. Still very much in a trading break mindset.

15:55 No log entries will be made tomorrow so see you all on Wednesday. Not sure if anyone is reading this blog, but if you are you're welcome.